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A Kitchen Island For Your Personality

No matter what you prepare, you are entitled to feel like Gordon Ramsey in the process. Just like a king has a throne in any fairytale, every brilliant creative inner chef like you should have the perfect counter top or kitchen island. Your playground – your rules. As we realize each of you is different we gathered four types of options to fit a variety of tastes.

Exotic wood


If your goal is to achieve the ultimate coziness, then African mahogany, Figured Anigre, Bamboo, English Sycamore, Wenge or Zebrano are wise choices. They will bring clean lines and warmth to your home so that cooking will feel like a Zen exercise – nurturing and mindful.



Here is something that is a very strong statement. The perfectionist in you will without a doubt fall in love with it. Its industrial and rough look is complemented by a nuance of flawlessness – it has no visible seam. This style screams precision, effectiveness, results. Sounds like you?



We let the numbers speak for themselves with this option. These designs are composed of 75% post-consumer recycled materials and 25% of residues of granite and quartz. Almost undistinguishable from the latter. It might not make your whole home eco-friendly, but it is a good start.



Beautiful, light, transparent or translucent, or maybe colored, but in any case – unique. This goes well with an out-of-the-box personality, who loves a bit of quirkiness and bold colors. Oh, did we mention its antibacterial abilities?

All of these (and many more) are waiting for you at Nouvelle Cuisine, here in QDR. You can count on their superb kitchen designers to bring the best to your home.

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