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We are a group of boutiques and businesses with a passion for creating beautiful and inspiring interiors.

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Since the inception of the Mont-Royal industrial park over half a century ago, numerous decor and design companies chose this location due to its proximity to the downtown core.

This spontaneous concentration of companies prompted local businesses and the municipality to form a structured collaboration known as the Quartier Design Royalmount. The purpose of this initiative is to:

  • Strategically position the sector as a prime destination for interior design;
  • Promote the specialized expertise and skills of local businesses;
  • Foster an environment for renewal and revitalization.

As a result, there has been significant growth and urban renewal in this district. New businesses and investments have sprouted from the original core. Older buildings are being renovated and upgraded to modern architectural standards while maintaining their historical features.

The doors to Quartier Design Royalmount stores are open to the public to encourage the discovery of exceptional quality, innovation and variety. Stores are located within walking distance of each other and parking is free for a pleasant shopping experience.

By meeting the needs of consumers, artisans, designers and importers, we are also meeting our goal of being a true destination for design in Montreal.

What we do

The mandate of the economic development team is to assist in business establishment and expansion in our territory. Our priority is the successful operation of your business.

We offer a variety of services, adapted to your needs, such as but not limited to:

  • Business start-up and development;
  • Business expansion;
  • Financing
  • Grants for commercial buildings;
  • Centre local de développement (CLD) les 3 monts;
  • Exporting;
  • Sub-contracting and strategic alliances;
  • Technological research and development;
  • Workforce training.

Industrial Profile

The territory of Quartier Design Royalmount extends south of the intersection of Highways 40 and 15 and is bordered by Royden-Décarie, Paré, Dalton and Côte-de-Liesse. It is a highly coveted central location in proximity to downtown with easy access to major highways.

The total area of the industrial sector is just over 18.5 million square feet and is home to approximately 500 businesses. The majority of jobs are in manufacturing, distribution and retail activities.

The overall sector is densely built from development between 1950 and 1970. It is enjoying a renaissance with many new projects to revitalize older buildings. The city is also improving the accessibility and visibility of the area to support the needs of current and future businesses.

Word from the mayor

Philippe Roy

Welcome to the Quartier Design Royalmount, the choice destination for people who like to surround themselves with beauty. From lighting to valves and fittings, to furniture and window coverings, we invite you to browse through the directory and discover the many quality products and services offered. We hope that you will come to explore this unique location in person.

Word from the president

Serge Bouchard

It has been a pleasure to watch the fruits of our collaboration grow with each passing day. New companies are coming to Quartier Design Royalmount, bringing products that are made in Quebec as well as from the four corners of the globe. Different styles and trends are displayed, from antique to modern, and art deco to contemporary.

On any given day, it is not uncommon to see decorators, film producers, set designers, party planners and retail merchandisers darting and dashing between stores. From carpets to lamps, tables and sofas to sinks and tubs, the refined tastes and hard to find items of any customer are sure to be discovered in Quartier Design Royalmount.