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An innovation that turned the table

Codell Audio presents Linn Sondek

More than 40 years ago a Scottish company called Linn Products created a legendary turntable – the Sondek LP12. The special twist about it was the separation of the loudspeakers from the turntable. A novelty at the time which resulted in a noticeably higher quality and clearness as there were no changes in the sound pressure to disturb the speakers, ergo – your pleasure. This innovation has set the standard for your Friday night groove every since.

Codell Audio presents Linn Sondek

Linn Products is a forerunner in network streaming and their Sondek LP12 still serves as a reference point for the effectiveness of upgrades that famous turntables develop. It is not a surprise the company is one of the biggest influencers in the world of audio delivery apart from being one of the few in this industry to master all elements of a hi-fi system.

Codell Audio presents Linn Sondek

Building products of remarkable quality is not the single unique selling point of Linn. A couple of other ingredients play a role here such as the surgical precision during the manufacturing and assembly processes, and of course, Her Majesty Рthe design. You can see the images and they speak for themselves. So nothing more to add there except maybe you can visit Codell Audio in QDR for more of the best.

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