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Can you guess the color?

Every December since 2000 Pantone announces their color of the year. 2015 is almost over but we can still indulge a bit in the winy shade of Marsala. Pantone’s current color of the year managed to make our lives, at least in regards to the visual environment, more earthly and deep while still leaving space for playfulness. Predicting Pantone’s “it” color has become a competitive discipline for design professionals. Among the various strategies to pin down what the next big shade is, there are three approaches we trust most.

One: Future in The Past

On several occasions Pantone has chosen similar shades every 8 years. So far we have seen the pairs of Cerulean (2000) – Blue Iris (2008), Blue Turquoise (2005) – Emerald (2013), and Tigerlily (2004) – Tangerine Tango (2012). Following this train of thought this year’s color is possible to come from 2008′s Blue Iris. Nautilus Magazine go full specific with predicting that 2016 will be Deep Peacock Blue.

(image source: Dark interiors)

Two: Color Friendliness

Choosing a shade Marsala will fit with is a practical way to approach the matter. If you are an early adopter of trends, and last year you remodeled your space with a brave Marsala statement (you finally exposed those bricks on the wall for example, or bought that expensive handwoven carpet), you will probably have the same itch in 2016. Somewhere in Pantone’s selection formula there is a place for an assumption like this. But there are only so many bold interior decisions you can make each year, so opting for a friendly shade is a win win situation for everyone on the trend setter – producer – end customer axis. Light beiges, soft yellows or golds are among the options of what the color might be if we follow this approach.

(image source: Renovated West Village Townhouse)

(image source: The Souk Shop)

Three: Variety – The Salt of Life

Looking at each color of the year, we can’t help but noticing that most of the consecutive shades are in strong associative contrast to the previous. Pairs of blues and reds or warms and colds follow a pattern throughout most of the last 16 years. Our prediction in this sense gravitates around a greenish shade that opposes the red of Marsala.

(image source: Green sitting room from World of Interiors)

(image source: Stunning Bohemian Home)

We will leave you at it while waiting for the announcement in December. There is a little over a month more to go, so enjoy it and why not join the guessing game?


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