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Two “Best of Houzz” awards for Nouvelle Cuisine


With their 16 years in the industry there is much to show and tell about the success of Nouvelle Cuisine. At the end of January their talented team received yet another well deserved recognition. Houzz – the leading home design platform, awarded Nouvelle Cuisine with two “Best of Houzz” prizes for the categories “Design” and “Customer Satisfaction”. We couldn’t agree more, just look at these:

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Slow Coffee Style from Kinto

Kinto Slow Coffee Style

Hey, coffee lover, do you ever stop and smell the coffee?

There is much we coffee lovers can learn from tea drinkers. Particularly how skillful they are at savoring the moment. You have surely noticed it. The calmness, the slowness, it’s as if they bend time to fit it to their lives, and not the other way around.

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Affordable luxury from around the world, GalerieM

Years ago, when Marcy Katz used to travel as a buyer for a major retail store, she used to imagine what it would be like to own her own business. Surely her superior negotiation skills as a buyer, combined with her keen eye for decorative accessories, topped by an innate ability to match antique and modern furniture in a stylish way, would be appreciated by many customers. But Ms. Katz went a step farther with her business idea and opened an alternative retail store in 2009.

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A Touch of Europe at Stacaro Design

You’ve travelled abroad and seen many beautiful objects that you wished you could bring home.

That’s the raison d’être of Stacaro Design, to recreate the ambiance of stylish European homes. When the founder, Stanislas Didier, arrived from France in the late 1990s, he noticed a significant American influence in retail stores. A former restaurateur, his mission became to make fine quality European-style furniture accessible to Canadians.

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