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A Tribute to Elegance : Décor Inc.

One of our beloved QDR members has decided to take a well-earned early retirement and will be closing their shop by mid-September. Décor Inc. came to Royalmount Ave at the end of the last decade, but has been in business since 1949. The president, Robert Martin, still has a framed letter from our former mayor, Mrs. Danyluk, welcoming their business to the Town of Mount-Royal.

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Functionality and Fun at Nüline Distribution

nüline distribution

We recently visited Nüline Distribution, a company located on Devonshire road in Quartier Design Royalmount, whose trademark signature is to combine functionality and fun. They distribute international brands of indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories to stores across Canada and the United States. It is a pure delight to visit their modern-chic store which is open to designers and retailers, and includes remarkable items such as:

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