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QDR Wish list

Christmas Gift

Here is our brainstormed list of ideas that could turn into presents – for your loved ones, for yourself, for your home. We looked around QDR and handpicked several items to give you a taste of what is available if you come over for a visit. So with no further ado…

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Slow Coffee Style from Kinto

Kinto Slow Coffee Style

Hey, coffee lover, do you ever stop and smell the coffee?

There is much we coffee lovers can learn from tea drinkers. Particularly how skillful they are at savoring the moment. You have surely noticed it. The calmness, the slowness, it’s as if they bend time to fit it to their lives, and not the other way around.

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An innovation that turned the table

Codell Audio presents Linn Sondek

More than 40 years ago a Scottish company called Linn Products created a legendary turntable – the Sondek LP12. The special twist about it was the separation of the loudspeakers from the turntable. A novelty at the time which resulted in a noticeably higher quality and clearness as there were no changes in the sound pressure to disturb the speakers, ergo – your pleasure. This innovation has set the standard for your Friday night groove every since.

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