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Christmas Gift

Here is our brainstormed list of ideas that could turn into presents – for your loved ones, for yourself, for your home. We looked around QDR and handpicked several items to give you a taste of what is available if you come over for a visit. So with no further ado…

1. From Concept Ka’s Bruxelle collection comes this minimalistic dresser, that we simply fell in love with!

Concept Ka's Bruxelle collection

2. You can then take a seat, and why not make it a rocking one? With this fabulous piece found. Thanks to Structube!


3. If you are easily seasick, here is something a bit more stable as well as skinny and stylish by Nulook.


4. Mirrors are a clever way to add the feeling of space, especially if you live in a tiny apartment. They can also double as art pieces. Like this Mobilart Silver Leaf design for instance. Your wall will appreciate it.

Mobilart Silver Leaf design

5. Of course, a Michael Edery fine print of the one and only Charlie Chaplin will work just fine in case mirrors are not your thing. Available in Aliah Arts.

Michael Edery fine print

6. Next comes a perfect conversation starter in the form of visually distorted teardrop glass sculpture. We can see this fitting beautifully in a minimalistic place where careful decoration is advised. It’s part of the Gundi collection found at the Shayne gallery.

Gundi collection

7. Do you have that old-fashioned suitcases appreciation? Good. We have this Stacaro chest coffee table which is always a good idea. You can find it here.

Stacaro chest coffee

8. Speaking of coffee, 2015 can be the year to make a change in your routine. With KINTO’s Slow Coffee Style pieces, available at Nuline Distribution, your Mondays will begin to taste great.

KINTO's Slow Coffee Style pieces

9. Let’s continue with the dining and wining theme. How about having your dinners touched by some aristocracy? These golden placemats can be found among the textile and home furnishing products at Lady Sandra’s.

Lady Sandra

10. Also if you happen to know a lady called Sandra, she is going to adore this wooden bracelet by Shleeh Design.

Shleeh Design

11. For those of you who have a New Year’s resolution to add a quirky color to their everyday, starting with this cushion from Structube is a good move. You can build up from there.


12. The thing with winter is that the holidays add flair and color but pass too fast. Then comes the gloomy time again, unless you want to do something about it like adding a new light to your surroundings. We had a hard job browsing all the possibilities for you, but we did select two light pieces to get you in the mood of curiosity. The first one is an atomic shaped elegant orb chandelier by Montreal Lighting found here.

Elegant orb chandelier by Montreal Lighting

13. … and the second is a slick box lamp by Au Courant Lighting. These two and the rest hundreds of possibilities offered in QDR.

slick box lamp by Au Courant Lighting

14. Another thing that winter is – cold. Playing around with rugs can keep your feet warm and powder-up your home. You could start with this Color Reform rug from Bashir Carpets.

Color Reform rug from Bashir Carpets

15. Last but not least, something for the little ones. This tree coat hanger from Pinkieblue is fun and safe in addition to being well designed.

tree coat hanger from Pinkieblue

Needless to say, there is much more where these come from. You are most welcome to start your discoveries in QDR.

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