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Resilient, Strong, Beautiful: a material you will want to bring home

You don’t need a laboratory to create a material with superpowers. Nature already did that for you. Here are six of its top talents, if we may call them such.


It’s renewable

This fast and efficient grower can reach a speed of up to one meter in height in only 24 hours, and its population can be easily re-grown. Also if you cut it without damaging the underground root system, the plant will simply continue its way upwards unaffected. Thanks to these peculiarities, we can safely argue in favor of its renewability.

It’s strong and elastic

Some people go as far as to compare it to metal in terms of durability. But for what it’s worth, it definitely beats wood on all levels. See for yourselves:



It’s unpretentious

By what it seems, it doesn’t care much about the geographical latitude. It grows in a variety of soils and you can find it from Asia to South America. This makes it remarkably unpretentious, compared to other natural building materials.

It’s multi-purpose

Speaking of building, rest assured this is not its only area of expertise. The list includes fashion, decoration and accessories, cuisine, big construction work. Quite resourceful.


It’s affordable

Or at least more affordable than the equivalent materials, which are hard to source, process, and renew.


And kind of weird

because technically it is “grass” that can survive more than a century in the wilderness. However when it’s their time to bloom, most of the types of this plant die.

In case you haven’t guessed already, we are talking about bamboo. This amazing decor material is perfect for an interior facelift and capable of bringing a natural softness to any space. With the help of QDR’s bamboo experts – La maison du Bamboo – you are sure to find what best fits you and your home.

Images’ source: La maison du Bamboo official website and La maison du Bamboo on Pinterest

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