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Six More Reasons to Come to QDR

Le Quartier
2015/05/26 0 comments

The Quartier community is now officially 6 companies more vibrant. They joined at different times, but we chose to introduce them together because, you know, the more is always the merrier! So with no further ado.


Janssen International

Jansen International is the place you want to trust when you need your home to look like it was where “classy” and “noble” were invented. Visit them at 5500 rue Ferrier, Mont-Royal.


Sadfie and co.

Safdie and Co. is QDR’s exclusive home of linen. A fast growing company that supplies linen since 1953, today they work with Costco and Walmart to named just a few. Find them at 8191 Montview, Mont-Royal, QC.


Pink & Brown

Pink & Brown sounds like a fun and colorful place, but don’t let their friendly appearance fool you – they are uncompromising when it comes to quality and getting things done. They are located at 8493 Decarie, Mont-Royal, QC.


CDI Furniture

If “stylish” is your favorite word, you will surely appreciate CDI Furniture. The company’s products are clean but sophisticated and elegantly play the role of a fashion statement. See for yourselves at 5950 Côte-de-Liesse, Mont-Royal, QC.


Alternative Granit

Alternative Granit is who you should visit if you are looking for a stable ground under your feet, but also want it beautiful. They are reachable at 5690 rue Paré, Mont-Royal, QC


Nourai Carpets

And speaking about the ground, Nourai Carpets will make you enjoy the view from under your feet more often than you think. You might accidentally create a competition between the paintings on the wall and the masterpiece on the floor. Address: 8164 Devonshire, Mont-Royal, QC.

The month of May has been fruitful for our community. We welcome the amazing new 6, and wish them success! We also welcome you – visit us for a design experience you can bring home.

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