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Slow Coffee Style from Kinto

Kinto Slow Coffee Style

Hey, coffee lover, do you ever stop and smell the coffee?

There is much we coffee lovers can learn from tea drinkers. Particularly how skillful they are at savoring the moment. You have surely noticed it. The calmness, the slowness, it’s as if they bend time to fit it to their lives, and not the other way around.

The same is possible for coffee – this enriching experience we sometimes miss to make time for because we think we are too busy. But are we really?

Kinto Slow Coffee Style

Slow Coffee Style is Kinto’s way to enjoy some coffee love patiently and mindfully. These Japanese designs invite the best of your mornings back to your day. Slow brewing calms time down, drop by drop, as the water turns into coffee. Each drip from Kinto’s beautiful stainless steel filter welcomes rich color and aroma around you.

Kinto Slow Coffee Style
Kinto Slow Coffee Style

The hot water is added in circular movements to the coffee. This pour over method ensures a relaxed passage of time, while you enjoy your moments of peace.

We promise you will begin to love your Monday mornings. So give it a try – brew the coffee with passion, for yourself or your loved ones. Slow down for a start and enjoy. Nothing good gets away.

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