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Three moods you want at home

Balancing between activity and relaxation is best achieved through our decor choices. Here we offer three essential moods most homes need.

1. Mix & Match

This recent trend liberates us from a lot of design stigmas. You can now mix fabrics, shapes, and colors any way you want. The key words here are fun, optimistic, vibrant. On a broader scale, every home needs a carefree space so the most appropriate rooms to try it out are either the kitchen or the living room. Tip from our community: mixing different styles of chairs is one viable approach to the topic, but you can do that with any item your mind is set on. Add mirrors to visually enlarge the space and invite more light, or play with different shapes and palletes of rugs. If those sound like too much planning, start even smaller by mix-matching cuttlery and tableware. Your dinner parties will never be the same.

QDR spots where you can find items to Mix & Match:

Pink and Brown – http://www.pinkandbrown.com/
NĂ¼line Distribution – http://www.nulinedistribution.com/en-ca/
MontrĂ©al Luminaire – http://www.montrealluminaire.com/
Indiport – http://www.indiport.com/

Alternative Granit

(image source: Anthropologie)

2. Naturals

One thing we know about solid and rustic materials is that they do a fabulous job in bringing earthliness to your home. The key words here are grounded, authentic, and durable. Earth tones, both light and dark, dominate the pallette and create a sort of a tranquil stability. A great space for this look is the bathroom as well as the living room, where different people find a common denominator for interaction. The bedroom is another good match as it requires a fair amount of natural ambiance. Tip from the QDR community: blue, gray and other soft dark colors have soothing qualities and that makes them perfect for building an environment for relaxation. If you chose Naturals for a more public space in your home, like the living area, you can experiment with adding more bright and airy colors.

QDR spots where you can find Naturals:

CDI Furniture – http://www.cdifurniture.com/
Century Lighting – http://www.centuryamadeus.com/
Smart Silk – http://smartsilk.com/
Tapis D’Orient Bashir – http://www.bashircarpets.com/

Alternative Granit

(image source: Tages Anzeiger)

3. Form Follows Function

If you are centered around qualities such as minimalistic, elegant, and with clean lines, we suppose you would love to see them manifested. Good news is that form can follow function all over your home, so you don’t have to think in rooms. Rather than that, think small – the rim of your fireplace or bathtub, the elegance of your sound system or the subtleness of your kitchen cabinets. Tip from the QDR community: unlike the previous two moods, this one often avoids focusing on the centerpiece. Its power is in the undertones and the details that you don’t notice right away.

QDR spots where you can find forms, which follow functions:

BAB Distribution – http://www.babdistribution.ca/
Disctinctive applicances – http://www.distinctive-online.com/
Codell Audio – http://www.codellaudio.com/
Hunter Douglas – http://www.hunterdouglas.com/

Alternative Granit

(image source: Stories)

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